Working With You Is Killing Me

Freeing Yourself from Emotional Traps at Work

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From chronic complainers to idea-stealers, boundary pushers to just plain jerks, a toxic co-worker can ruin your day – and your life!

Everyone – including the lucky few who’ve never had to work with a difficult person – will benefit from this program. It brilliantly portrays how employees on any career path and at any level of an organization can be undone by a problem co-worker. The amount of time spent worrying, avoiding, raging and obsessing over toxic employees can affect performance on the job and peace at home.

With authors Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster as hosts, this video program provides the antidote, showing exactly how to take responsibility for addressing the problem and put a stop to it all. It shows employees how to “unhook” from difficult situations in four simple ways: 

Physically,  Mentally,  Verbally,   and with a Business Tool (memo, email, log, etc.).

Key Benefits:

  • Helps people deal with difficult co-workers through mutual cooperation
  • Reduces stress-related issues arising from work relationships
  • Improves interpersonal relations and understanding of boundaries