Whale Done! The Power Of Positive Relationships Program

What does training killer whales have to do with training humans? More than you may think! In this inspirational training program, Ken Blanchard teaches viewers a technique that actually increases employee effectiveness at work, and it’s a technique used by the whale trainers of SeaWorld! 

This training experience consists of two programs.
Both are available in French.

Whale Done! addresses the question, “Why does this approach work?” Filmed on location at Sea World, Blanchard teaches viewers how to improve relationships by building trust, accentuating the positive and redirecting energy when things get off track.

The Whale Done! approach illustrates to coworkers, managers, and employees that by building positive relationships, they will become more productive, achieve greater results, and create an environment where everyone is genuinely excited about the work they are doing!

Whale Done! in Action is a companion video that shows how the Whale Done! approach is applied to real-life business situations. Blanchard emphasizes two key skills that can have an immediate, positive impact in the workplace: how to give redirection when someone makes a mistake and how to give a Whale Done! response when you catch someone doing something right.

Key Learning Points:

  • Explain the impact that positive relationships and the Whale Done! Approach can have on your organization
  • Identify ways to build trust with others in the organization
  • Identify and implement the five steps of redirection
  • Identify and implement the four steps of the Whale Done! Response

The Whale Done! Approach

  • Build Trust
  • Accentuate the positive
  • When mistakes occur, redirect the energy