Verbal Communication: The Power of Words 2e

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Poor communication can create chaos in the workplace. That point is clearly illustrated as this award-winning video visits a newsroom and a hospital where miscommunication reigns. We guarantee you won’t forget the lessons taught in this program.

The complexities of verbal communication are explained from this simple perspective: The very purpose of communication is to be understood.

To get positive results, speakers need to understand the effect of their words on others. Listeners need to understand what they hear by avoiding quick judgment and misinterpretation. With this video, viewers learn the five critical elements of successful verbal communication, and the skills for adhering to them:

  • Be a responsible speaker
  • Choose clear language
  • Choose the right environment
  • Be a receptive listener
  • Practice feedback.

This film helps you teach people how to speak and listen responsibly for essential results: quality of product, more error-free efficiency, higher productivity, smoother performance and better human relationships.

Viewers Will Learn:

  • Good verbal communication isn’t automatic: we must work hard at it
  • The five critical elements of successful verbal communication, and how to apply them
  • The art of responsible speaking and responsible listening to achieve mutual understanding