The Right Side of the Line

Teasing, Hazing, Gossip, Retaliation. Everyone, regardless of position, title or level in an organization, is responsible for creating a respectful and harassment-free workplace.

This program addresses harassment in all its forms and meets federal compliance standards for harassment prevention training, giving employees the tools to resolve situations before they escalate.

The Right Side of the Line helps participants take a proactive approach to creating and maintaining respectful organizational cultures in order to remain legally compliant, to ensure adherence to organizational policies and to thrive and prosper.

This powerful workshop contains six video vignettes that address situations that are unprofessional, prohibited by policy and unlawful.
These vignettes include:

  • Unprofessional Teasing/Hazing
  • Inappropriate Humour
  • Racial Discrimination & Stereotyping
  • Sexual Orientation & Religious Beliefs
  • Gossip & Defamation of Character
  • Third Party Sexual Harassment & Retaliation

Through these vignettes, employees learn what to do and how to respond if they are victims of, or witnesses to, any form of harassment or discrimination.

After completing the Workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Describe how and why maintaining a respectful and harassment-free culture benefits them and the organization
  • Explain the difference between inappropriate, prohibited and illegal behaviour
  • Identify behaviors that could escalate into more serious situations
  • Respond appropriately to defuse situations and prevent them from escalating