The Courage to Coach for Retail

The Courage To Coach for Retail outlines a specific four-step process for coaching that will work in any retail employee performance situation. Managers will learn how to reach agreement on the problem, develop an action plan for correcting the problem and follow up with the employee. And, they will realize that coaching is the best way to keep employees motivated – by reinforcing what employees do right and helping them fix what needs to be improved.

In this contemporary video, an on-screen manager/narrator talks directly to viewers, sharing what has worked for her in coaching her employees through difficult performance problems. She guides viewers through the four important steps of coaching by illustrating her points with a series of “What Would You Do?” vignettes specifically geared to the retail industry.

Examples include how to handle an employee who’s late for work, who doesn’t take their manager seriously, or one with a bad attitude problem.

Employees will learn how to:

  • Deal with a problem situation and get a coaching conversation started.
  • Coach someone with an attitude problem.
  • Handle employees who won’t take their manager seriously.
  • Ask someone who does a good job to “crank it up” a bit.
  • Use documentation when an employee is just not getting the message.

Great For Use in Training On:

  • Coaching Supervision
  • Management Skills
  • Performance Management
  • Appraisals