The Communication Toolkit

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This exciting resource is a library of 39 video clips on various aspects of communication, plus a comprehensive guide for using the clips in a number of innovative ways. Designed for maximum flexibility, the Communication Toolkit provides you with high quality video vignettes that you can use in your own custom training courses. Each vignette/clip runs from 20 seconds to 3 minutes and depicts a common workplace interaction. Suggestions are provided for using the clips to draw out specific lessons/skills on communication.

The 39 clips in the Toolkit fall into the following communication skill categories:

  • Speaking Clearly and Specifically
  • Listening/Asking for Clarification
  • Non-verbal Communication
  • Resolving Conflict/Difficult Conversations
  • Group Communication
  • Presentation Skills

Clips are provided in two formats:

Format 1: The clip is introduced with some brief narration. The narration sets up the scene and gives a very general idea of what to look for in the vignette. As the narration plays, key phrases and words are highlighted through on-screen graphics.

Format 2: The scene plays without any set-up narration/onscreen graphics.

The accompanying Leader’s Guide contains the following information for each clip:

  • Primary and secondary skills that can be taught using the clips
  • Suggested training applications
  • Background information relevant to the clip
  • Scene description and photo
  • Suggested Discussion Questions along with possible responses
  • Activity Suggestions
  • Key points to draw from the clip
  • Ideas for following up on training conducted
  • Suggestions for using the clip in conjunction with other clips in the Communication Toolkit