Team Creativity

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From the shop floor to the boardroom, creativity is a sure-fire job-performance enhancer. But the voices within us can kill a new idea almost as quickly as it dawns. These voices are usually prompted by additional "Creativity Killers" - rules, procedures and those who reject our ideas.

The paradox is that creativity is the lifeblood of the organization. It's expected. It's a driver of positive change. Yet tight operating strategies seem at odds with the open free-wheeling environment needed to unleash creative thought. This puts workteams right in the middle of mixed signals.

That's why teams must cultivate the skills for nurturing, protecting and expressing creativity as a critical resource. This inspiring drama shows the plight of a team member who doesn't express her ideas because she's afraid of rejection. From her example, viewers will learn how to recognize the "enemies" of creativity and voice new ideas without hesitation. They will also come to see the many ways team productivity is enhanced when a creative culture is present.

After watching Team Creativity, trainees will be determined to bring creativity out of the closet, support every idea at any stage, play with the possibilities freely, and make creativity an everyday way of life.

This video will show teams how to:

  • Give themselves permission to be creative
  • Develop the confidence to propose new ideas
  • Maintain an environment where creativity is accepted