Start Right ...Stay Right Comprehensive Workshop

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Build skills in 24 behaviours critical to employee success

Let’s face it. Your organization will be only as successful as your employees and successful employees are those for whom success is a mindset. It’s a contagious mindset. Even so, you’d be surprised how many employees don’t have it! Based on the best-selling book, Start Right …Stay Right boils it all down to basics, exploring - in a uniquely innovative way - matters as simple as wardrobe, as complex as organizational culture, and as powerful as teamwork. You won’t find another training program quite like it! Start Right…Stay Right Facilitator-Led Version on DVD offers on-screen video segments, supported by highly effective skill-building tools and action plans, to teach twenty-four behaviours critical to employee - and thus - organizational success. The behaviours are divided into four training categories:

Category and Behaviours:

  • You and Your Mindset: Take Responsibility for Yourself; Keep Learning!; Be Patient; Be Appreciative; Think Health & Safety; Look Your Best
  • You and Your Co-Workers: Contribute to the Success of Others; Be a Team Player; Be Considerate of Others; Give & Earn Respect; Quit Whining!
  • You and Your Supervisor or Manager: Volunteer & Show Initiative; Exceed Expectations; Keep Your Commitments; Ask for Feedback; Keep Your Boss Informed; Focus on the Big 2: Increased Revenue, Decreased Costs
  • You and the Organization: Put Customers First; Follow the Rules; Work the Hours You’re Paid For; Get With Change; Embrace Diversity; Act Like an Owner; Perform with Ethics & Integrity