Speaking Effectively: To One or One Thousand, 2e

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In a well-known study, 3,000 people were asked what frightened them most. The number one answer was public speaking.

This entertaining film gives viewers the skills so needed for confident communication with audiences of one or one thousand. Host Steve Landesberg, of the “Barney Miller” TV show, and a team of actors show the most common ways speakers can botch a presentation. Then they show the four main components of effective speaking for an audience of any size.

This video proves that the ability to speak effectively is one of the most powerful tools for personal and professional success. And because people who speak effectively are perceived as leaders, the importance of training all members of your organization in the techniques presented here cannot be overstated.

By showing this film to both management and the workforce, you’ll help people build better relationships with colleagues and customers while greatly enhancing the quality of communication, creativity, productivity and the very image of your organization.

Participants Will Learn:

  • What causes public-speaking fear and how to avoid it
  • The roles of appearance and body language
  • How to most effectively communicate your message