Riding the Wave: Strategies for Change

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Juxtaposing real-life scenarios with breathtaking views of the ocean, Riding the Wave uses three mini-dramas to show how trying to control the uncontrollable – both situations and co-workers – leaves us feeling powerless and overwhelmed. It also can seriously upset workplace productivity by causing conflict, poor communication and closed-mindedness. But as the video teaches, “The first step towards embracing change is recognizing behaviors that upset your progress”.

Riding the Wave goes on to demonstrate how to apply balancing strategies to change your attitude and relax and open your mind to the ocean of possibilities change can bring. You’ll learn all the advantages that come your way when you shift from security-seeking behaviors – a “Security & Control Mindset” – to a “Learning & Discovery Mindset” – a mindset that helps you see problems as opportunities for expanding your potential.

Participants Will Learn To:

  • Recognize the limitations of a “security & control” mindset
  • Profit from the future by applying a “Learning & Discovery” mindset
  • Expand the range of situations in which they can effectively function
  • Regain their sense of confidence in the face of change