Preventing Retaliation in the Workplace

This program can help you minimize increasing risk to your organization. Use this program to ensure your managers, supervisors and team leaders fully understand their roles and responsibilities when it comes to preventing retaliation and creating a culture of integrity, compliance and trust.

Help all employees prevent retaliation with Retaliation: An Overview for All Employees. This supplemental module is perfect for "just-in-time" reinforcement of your organization's anti-retaliation policies and expectations.

Learning Point Highlights:
  • Helps participants understand the negative consequences of retaliation
  • Illustrates situations that are or have the potential to become retaliatory
  • Teaches managers how to recognize, respond to and resolve common types of overt and subtle retaliatory behaviour
Why train on retaliation?

Here are the top five urgent reasons why organizations should be diligent in preventing retaliation:

  • Retaliation is the fastest growing type of discrimination reported to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
  • A Supreme Court decision in 2006 has made it significantly easier for employees to prove that they are victims of unlawful retaliation.
  • Employees can win retaliation lawsuits, even if the original claim of discrimination, unsafe practices or unethical acts is dismissed.
  • Failure to prevent retaliation may result in the loss of millions of dollars in fees and damages awarded in administrative proceedings or lawsuits.
  • Merely the perception that retaliation is occurring can significantly disrupt the workplace and reduce productivity.