Positive Discipline

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Positive Performance Coaching is achievable … when supervisors and managers have the right training.

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Looking for an effective training tool that teaches supervisors to:

  • thoroughly prepare for an employee performance improvement discussion (and understand the importance of going in prepared)
  • define a performance problem as a gap between desired performance and actual performance
  • take notes during the discussion and document agreed upon action steps
  • shift ownership of the problem’s resolution to the employee
  • get the outcome they’re looking for without losing employee commitment

…Well, it’s here! Positive Discipline: How to Resolve Tough Performance Problems Quickly and Permanently teaches a simple, yet highly effective, five-step process for correcting negative performance:

  1. Identify the problem (the gap between the actual & desired behavior)
  2. Analyze the problem’s severity (determine the impact and consequences of the behavior if not corrected)
  3. Discuss the problem (with the employee, gain their agreement on a solution)
  4. Document the discussion (including the history of the problem and what was said and agreed upon)
  5. Follow-up to monitor results (recognize improvements, or take action if the problem hasn’t resolved)

According to Webster’s Dictionary, the definition of discipline is: “training that develops self-control, character, or orderliness and efficiency”. This powerful training program helps your supervisors get beyond the belief that confronting negative performance has to be unpleasant and punitive in nature. It shows them how-when done right – performance discussions can actually be a tool for coaching and developing employees.

The program’s video vignettes are set in different work environments and feature three different performance issues (including the all too familiar example of an employee who is chronically tardy and frequently absent). Accompanying workshop materials include role-play activities, job aids (such as a conversation planner), and more.