Mining Group Gold

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While much is being done to inspire contributions of the highest quality from every individual, never – until now – has there been a systematic process for doing so in group settings.

This film presents Total Quality Management as the springboard to such a process. It shows how the principles of TQM are now being applied to group interactions for bringing out the best in every participant – resulting in higher collaboration, more efficient and productive teamwork, and more qualitative group decisions than ever before.

The process is called Mining Group Gold. The video will teach team members the art of managing themselves and their ideas in group settings – empowering them to master group decision – making in the most efficient and productive way.

Viewers learn how to “mine” the knowledge, experience and creativity of one another-inspiring the highest contributions from every team member. This will, in turn, allow the organization to “mine” and cash in on the product of these high-quality group decisions that flow from the best of each team member.

This film is an adaptation of Thomas A. Kayser’s best-selling book, Mining Group Gold. Kayser is a manager of organization effectiveness for Xerox Corporation. His book is subtitled “How to Cash in on the Collaborative Brain Power of a Group”, and that’s what your organization will achieve by applying the strategies presented here.

Participants Will Develop Skills In:

  • Preparing for meetings
  • Establishing desired outcomes
  • Creating a fully participative climate
  • Dealing with disruptive behavior, confusion and conflict

Also available in a Government Version.