Meeting Robbers, Revised Version

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There’s always someone who “steals” time – and therefore money and resources – while you’re trying to conduct a productive and efficient meeting. Meeting robbers are well intentioned but they lack the skills it takes to keep things moving forward. This amusing film shows the seven most-wanted robbers at work. Their aliases:

  • Show-Off
  • Abuser
  • Assignment Misser
  • Rambler
  • Super-Seller
  • Meeting Leader

See them all here in a cross-functional meeting that loses 35 hours of company time before the Meeting Leader himself is arrested and learns how to make meetings theft-proof.

The video teaches that meetings can be essential but should be used as last resorts when there’s no better or less costly way (like e-mail, memos and one-on-one meetings) to discuss and disseminate information. When meetings ARE needed, the leader must assemble all data in advance and be thoroughly prepared.

People can’t be changed, but their energies can be re-directed so that effective meeting leaders must double as meeting security, arresting each robber on the spot and getting the group back on track. Meetings are made, not born. Every meeting has style and tone, and someone else will set it if the leader doesn’t.

Participants Will Learn How To:

  • Identify when and why meetings should be held
  • Be thoroughly prepared for meetings
  • Identify and stop classic time wasters
  • Implement good ideas