MEET On Common Ground

Teach employees to recognize and respond to inappropriate or illegal situations professionally…and with respect.

This straightforward video provides practical skills that all of your employees can use to create a respectful and inclusive workplace. Unlike many programs that focus on high-level “strategic” theories concerning diversity and inclusion management, M.E.E.T. on Common Ground uses a tactical approach. By focusing on understanding and communication, this program will teach your employees how to recognize and respond to any situation professionally and with respect. The program introduces an easy-to-grasp four-step process that is demonstrated in six timely realistic vignettes. Ultimately, your employees will learn how to “M.E.E.T” on common ground.

Key Learning Points:

  • Explain the benefit of mutual respect in the workplace
  • Explain the importance of personal responsibility in promoting respect in the workplace
  • Use the four steps in the M.E.E.T. model to help promote a “mutual respect” working environment

The M.E.E.T. Model:

  • Make time to discuss
  • Explore differences
  • Encourage respect
  • Take responsibility