Managing Stress 2e

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Job burn out. Illness. Absenteeism. Conflict. Counter-productivity.

Often, these problems can be traced to stresses in the workplace, in personal lives, or both. Although life will never be completely stress-free, we can control how we react to it. The crippling, sometimes fatal effects of stress can be reduced by following the logic of this video.

In this completely revised version, Managing Stress presents updated and research-based information on work-related stress, helping the viewer to become more aware of alternative means of coping with tension-inducing events.

The video shows how we are particularly vulnerable to feelings of stress in today’s workplace, especially in positions which carry more responsibility than authority, or in a working environment that lacks a supportive network and leads to conflict with others.

Illustrating various work situations that can produce stress, Managing Stress also examines how stress may be caused by our individual anxieties. The video then offers current, positive approaches we can take to alleviate tension and anxiety-from learning how to communicate with our fellow workers to techniques to reduce our own personal reactions to stressful situations.

Using dramatic vignettes and memorable animated illustrations, Managing Stress is highly motivational, offering solutions that really give people a handle on stress. Examples of stress management solutions include opening communication lines, involving employees in decision-making, learning to delegate, establishing priorities, and staying healthy.

Participants Will Learn:

  • What “stressors” make us especially prone to stress.
  • To understand what causes our own individual physiological and psychological reaction to these stressors.
  • What we can do in the workplace to alleviate stress.
  • Personal activities we can do to reduce stress, such as physical exercise, relaxation techniques, etc.