Lessons From the New Workplace

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Real-world examples of Dr. Margaret Wheatley’s New Science in action provide sound methods for putting her trailblazing organizational theories into practice.

This is an engaging documentary on applying Mother Nature’s lessons to the workplace. The video features case studies from the U.S. Army, DuPont Corporation and a North Carolina school system.

When Dr. Margaret J. Wheatley introduced the idea that today’s organizations could use Nature’s living systems as models for revitalizing themselves, her book and the video called Leadership and the New Science became catalysts for action.

Now, Lessons from the New Workplace brings you real-world examples of individuals and organizations who have taken her theories to heart. In step by step detail, this exciting video shows how three vastly different organizations have successfully implemented Dr. Wheatley’s concepts within their teams.

Looking at these diverse organizations, viewers will find many practical applications on how to analyze their own work roles in new and more productive ways. All three organizations focus on three areas – or domains – that have enabled them to become more adaptive and responsive:

  • opening the flow of information in the work environment
  • forming relationships that maximize informational flow and organizational performance
  • using their awareness of the organization’s vision or identity to guide, influence, and support organizational decision making and behavior.


Participants Will Learn:

  • What it means to be part of a learning organization
  • The importance of the effective exchange and utilization of information
  • Mapping organizational vision and values onto even simple tasks