Leadership and the New Science

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Is there a simpler way to manage complex organizations in this turbulent business environment where chaos prevails? Dr. Margaret J. Wheatley is sure of it. And her pioneering book, Leadership and the New Science, has been adapted by CRM as an inspiring film to help viewers see organizational life from a brand new point of view.

It challenges viewers to accept chaos as a beneficial force. Dr. Wheatley is an associate professor of business management, and a consultant to a wide variety of organizations struggling to break free from outdated paradigms. She has recognized the need to step out of tradition and look to new and different places for solutions. She turned to the new sciences and the behavior of nature’s living and non-living systems for examples.

In this film, she shows how nature itself provides unmistakable models for creating a new perspective from which greater organizational effectiveness can emerge. Most modern-day organizations are no longer efficient because their basic structural concepts originated in the 17th Century.

The New Science – the science of chaos, evolutionary biology, quantum mechanics and field theory – provides evidence that organizations can be managed in natural ways, just as complex systems in nature manage themselves.

Viewers Will Learn:

  • That chaos is a necessary and creative force that creates order
  • How to share information to empower people and organize tasks
  • How developing relationships energizes teams and helps achieve peak performance