Leadership and Self Deception

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Would you be surprised to learn that self-deception is
the #1 obstacle to organizational effectiveness? It’s true. Also true is that reducing self-deception may be the single most important step your organization can take toward increased productivity.

But what is self-deception and why is it so prevalent? Simply put, self-deception is the problem of not being able to see that you are the problem. For instance:

Think about the most difficult person you’ve ever had to work with. What made them difficult? Did they consider themselves a problem? Chances are, they did not. Despite the fact that you (and everyone else around them) could see they were a problem, they couldn’t
see it.

CRM’s Leadership & Self-Deception training
program illustrates this “simple” concept by presenting an unforgettable video re-enactment matched with a comprehensive workshop. The video and workshop exercises offer a poignant look at how self-deception prevents us from seeing the obvious solution to some of our biggest workplace problems, providing tools for analyzing and solving problems, at their core.

Participants Learn That:

Most - if not all - “people problems” (poor communication, lack of teamwork, unresolved conflict…) share a common root:

  • Self-deception
  • The very people involved in resolving a given problem contribute to it, and even help spread it
  • The solution to a problem always begins with them


Learning About Self-deception And Its Solutions Enables Us To:

  • Enthusiastically focus on results
  • Enthusiastically help others achieve results
  • Actively and concurrently learn and teach
  • Take responsibility