Leaders of Character

Leadership: The West Point Way

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History shows us that graduates of West Point have become some of the world’s greatest leaders…both on the battlefield and in the boardroom. For this reason, all organizations can learn something from West Point regarding not simply what is taught but how it’s taught.

This film takes us into some of North America's foremost organizations, including Proctor & Gamble, the FBI, Penguin Publishing, and the People’s Health Center, where we see West Point graduates putting their skills to the test.

See firsthand how they apply the following Leadership Principles:

  • Ethics form the true basis of leadership. 
  • A leader’s communication is critical to the success of those s/he leads 
  • Teamwork is the transformative key to a group’s effectiveness. 
  • A great leader knows how to delegate tasks and responsibility downward 
  • A great leader must be able to plan, and be willing to abandon that plan if changing circumstances demand it. 
  • Failure can teach powerful lessons.