It's Not Just About Sex Anymore

Now - more than ever - employees must understand that there’s far more to workplace harassment and discrimination than just sex. Is your organization prepared for this changing world?

It seems as if, every day, the courts expand the definition of harassment and discrimination. In this changing environment it’s difficult to know-or understand what’s allowed and what’s not allowed at work.

This video training program breaks ground by dramatically illustrating:

  • The ever expanding range of behaviours that create a hostile work environment
  • The differences between free speech at work and protected speech in public
  • The consequences for individuals who exhibit unacceptable behaviour
  • The legal threats that companies or organizations can encounter

Key Learning Points:

  • Harassment and discrimination hurt everyone
  • Which behaviours now contribute to a hostile work environment
  • The areas in which people and organizations cannot discriminate
  • When harassment can become discrimination, or “tangible employment action” and the implications of those

Using dramatic examples in white and blue collar, hospitality, health care, and retail settings, this video will protect your organization by communicating everyone’s legal responsibilities and is for training on diversity as well.