Generations: MEET for Respect in the Workplace

Help is here! VisionPoint’s Generations tackles the complexities of effectively working in and managing a multi-age workforce. This program provides insights and strategies that will minimize generational conflict, promote respect and strengthen communication and collaboration to make any workplace more productive.

Six thought-provoking video vignettes illustrate the most common generational issues in the workplace:

  • Assumptions based on age
  • Communication styles
  • Use of technology
  • Work ethic and loyalty

Additional video vignettes for managers include:

  • Younger manager supervising an older employee
  • Leading a multigenerational team

Participants will experience how to use the M.E.E.T. (Make time to discuss; Explore differences; Encourage respect; Take personal responsibility) approach to discuss and resolve generational differences in a way that maintains respect and productivity.

At the conclusion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify defining characteristics of the four generations in the workforce
  • Recognize issues and situations that may be influenced by generational differences
  • Apply practical tips for working successfully in a multigenerational workplace
  • Use the M.E.E.T. model to communicate effectively and maintain a respect-filled workplace