Delegating for Diehards, Working Together to Get Things Done

Getting it all done these days isn’t easy. While most of us have more job responsibilities than ever, we also have tighter deadlines. So what’s the answer? DELEGATING.

It’s a concept many people find absolutely frightening, and with good reason. Letting go of important projects or taking on someone else’s project is scary, especially if you’ve been burned before. But if it’s done effectively, delegating can greatly improve productivity.

Through a series of vignettes (including several humorous “fantasy” sequences that depict people’s deepest fears about delegating), this video teaches an important lesson. It shows that successful delegation requires trust – on the part of both the delegator and the delegatee – and detailed information sharing from start to finish.

As better delegators, employees will accomplish more in less time, improve their communication and management skills, and help your organization reach new heights of excellence. This video will become one of your most-used training tools – perfect for new hires as well as seasoned employees.

Participants will learn the six steps to delegation success:

  • Analyze the task
  • Select the delegatee
  • Pass the baton (but not the buck)
  • Look before you leap (also known as the delegatee’s checklist)
  • Execute the task (but not the delegatee)
  • Conduct regular feedback sessions