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When searching for ways to measure effectiveness and build success, today’s organizations have access to vast amounts of data. Make sure your staff knows what information is truly meaningful, and that they’re able to get it quickly in the hands of those who can act on it.


  • Helps teams identify key performance indicators
  • Keeps everyone results-focused
  • Improves employee commitment

What’s on your “dashboard”? Are you measuring the right things? How do you know if your organization is making meaningful improvements?

The Dashboard tells the compelling story of one company’s unique approach to gathering and distributing information about the health of their organization. Younger Brothers Construction was struggling to make the transition from a good company to a great one. People throughout the company had different ideas of the company’s goals, and while they “measured everything that moved”, they didn’t always know how to act on their findings.

Working together, the management team at Younger Brothers set an over-arching goal to build homes faster, better, and cheaper. To reach that goal, they realized they needed to first prioritize and narrow down the many metrics they currently tracked. Younger Brothers created their “dashboard” - a single graphical tool that displayed key factors describing the company’s current performance. It was distributed to employees throughout the company and everyone knew how to read the gauges and act on those readings. The results were dramatic. Productivity and profits rose, safety improved, and everyone could see how they contributed to the company’s success.

After viewing the video and participating in the workshop exercises, trainees will:

  • Recognize the need for measurement within their department or organization
  • Identify metrics that can lead to improved performance
  • Begin to set up a plan to measure and respond to selected metrics.