Customers With a Difference

This story follows Taylor’s experiences as she grapples with the challenge of being both a service giver and a customer when you’re dealing with people who are different to you.

She complains bitterly about the treatment she receives at the hands of a foreign visa department. However her reactions are not dissimilar when faced with a parallel situation in her own work environment. Nevertheless, after learning some good common sense skills, she takes up the challenge to stretch her comfort zone and appreciate the value of her own diverse customer.

Training points include:

  • All customers are worthy of your time
  • Don’t speak loudly or be condescending
  • Speak clearly, using short sentences
  • Be prepared to repeat yourself without sounding annoyed
  • Show sensitivity and understanding
  • Do not allow the customer to lose face
  • Give instructions in a logical order
  • Clearly signal when moving from one subject to the next
  • Simplify your language
  • Avoid tag questions, complex negative
  • Avoid jargon, jokes and plays on words
  • Stretch your comfort zone

This program is part of the Just a Call Away Series.