Customer Service Toolkit

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Customize Your Training with 72 Situation-Specific High Quality Video Clips

Finally, an affordable video clip library with enough variety to help you build customer service training courses unique to every type of trainee.

You receive multiple video clips in these Customer Service topic areas:

  • Attitude
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Service Recovery
  • Supervising a Customer Service Department
  • Internal Customer Service

Plus you will have a variety of video clips in each of these service categories:

  • face-to-face (including field) & telephone
  • business-to-business & business-to-consumer
  • employee-to-employee/internal customer service.

All in all, you get:

  • 72 professionally-produced video clips
  • A total of 75 minutes of total video (clips run between 20 seconds and 2 minutes each)
  • Each clip in 2 formats: 
    with narration to “set up the scene” and tell viewers what to look for, and without narration.
  • The entire library on both DVD for as-needed viewing, and CD-ROM for importing into PowerPoint presentations (easy-to-follow tutorial shows you how).
  • The accompanying Leader’s Guide gives context to each clip, suggests where and how to use the clips and explains how to combine clips for maximum impact. Discussion starter questions and activity suggestions are also included.

Create highly relevant courses for new-hires and develop refresher courses for seasoned staff. Over 20 different workplaces are represented including:

  • general office
  • call center
  • government
  • healthcare
  • automotive/transportation
  • financial services