Communication: The Non-Verbal Agenda

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This is a provocative film that examines the role that non-verbal messages play in our lives at work. We learn that ignoring non-verbal language can have costly consequences. As we see in the film, it is especially troublesome when we send or receive mixed messages—when the words say one thing and the facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language say something else.

Confused messages greatly impair our ability to communicate effectively. They have an adverse impact on morale, performance and productivity. Fortunately, however, we can all improve our abilities in this area. Non-verbal language is something we cannot afford to ignore. It is a powerful and fascinating aspect of communication. This film offers concrete guidance in becoming more alert to this “silent language.”

Viewers Will Learn:

  • That non-verbal messages are equally or even more important than the words we use
  • What happens when verbal and non-verbal messages conflict
  • What types of messages are conveyed by non-verbal language
  • What to listen to and look for in a non-verbal message
  • To understand cultural differences in non-verbal language
  • To become aware of one’s own non-verbal language
  • The importance of sending consistent messages