Cliff's Customer Service Adventure

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This fun, zany video—designed for young trainees who are performing front-line customer service—features Cliff, a hip "20-something" in search of excellent customer service. He is our guide in this adventure, as we "watch the master" and observe interactions between him and service providers in a variety of locations. With his humorous comments and funny antics, we get clueful in no time.

Cliff's route takes us through some pretty awful, but typical, customer service scenarios in a fast food restaurant, a bank, a computer store, a hotel reservation desk, a video store, and a department store. Throughout these scenarios, Cliff maintains his sense of humor while giving us tips to transform service into a more positive experience for the provider and the customer.

This film closes with Cliff and several other service providers demonstrating conscientious, problem-solving customer service skills. A review at the end of the video summarizes the learning points. As Cliff says, "making your corner of the world a friendlier place can be fun." When that happens, customers will want to come back again and again. This film features a fun cast, memorable scenes, lots of solid information, a variety of service locations, and is perfect for kids from 15 to 50.

Front-line service providers learn to:

  • Empathize with the customer
  • Assess how their business environment influences the customer
  • Identify the needs of the customer
  • Use polite and friendly behaviour when addressing customers
  • Practice effective ways to solve customers' problems