As Simple As Respect

Diversity, Respect and Inclusion In the Workplace

This vignette-driven program features easy-to-follow scenes that illustrate disrespectful behaviours, and how to change them. Respect “Guidelines” offer rules to follow in the workplace, while “Simple Steps” break down the correct behaviours.

It gives employees and managers alike, the tools to discuss workplace respect issues, and how to relate
those steps to their own personal behaviour and experiences.The vignettes include healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and office settings.

Key Learning Points:

  • Turn uncomfortable situations into learning opportunities
  • Religious or cultural beliefs don’t justify disrespectful behavior toward coworkers
  • Just because expressions or words are commonly used, doesn’t mean they are acceptable
  • Be careful not to display or send potentially offensive materials on your computer
  • Judging people’s abilities by their appearance can lead to discrimination
  • Cultural or ethnic stereotypes are offensive
  • Speak up against disrespect

Also includes the Meeting Opener Opening Lines: Understanding Respect.