An Invisible Man Meets the Mummy

This entertaining video presents a lighthearted look at the rights and wrongs of customer service. It shows that everyone has customers – internal, external or both – and there’s no place to hide from them. Not even in red tape.

Yet without realizing it, many capable people let red tape cloud their vision of what customer service is about. To illustrate this point, we’ve cast the employee as an inflexible mummy wrapped in red tape. The customer is invisible because the mummy just can’t see him. But only temporarily – because the eight skills for good customer service are soon revealed.

Viewers learn how to put the customer first, and are made aware that it’s possible to tailor procedures to customer needs without breaking rules.

With all the wit and wisdom of CRM’s legendary film Remember Me, this film is sure to elevate the quality of your customer service from the inside out. An important training tool for new hires and a valuable reminder for seasoned employees.

Participants Will Learn About:

  • Flexibility – policies and procedures are no good if they alienate your customer and their needs
  • Planning – creating and implementing a solid plan of action increases efficacy
  • Attitude – it’s not merely what is said, but how, that imparts critical messages to customers
  • Measurement – tracking progress provides effective tools for change

Also available in a Healthcare and Government version.