ACE It! How to Solve Tough Workplace Problems

Most employees will agree that they spend too much time trying to solve problems that arise during the workday. Although we can't ignore these problems, we can learn how to handle them when they surface! A.C.E. It! is a new program that will help employees learn how to address and resolve stressful workplace problems by following the three easy steps of the A.C.E. Model.

A.C.E. Model:

  • A - Ask fact & feeling questions
  • C - Clarify goals & identify concerns
  • E - Evaluate options & select workable solution

The A.C.E. Model works because it systematically combines objective information with subjective feelings. When solving problems, asking questions will uncover the issues, clarifying goals will enhance performance, and evaluating options will improve decision-making. These processes – combined with practical wisdom – will help employees build workable solutions and ultimately create a more productive work environment!

Key Learning Points:

  • Help employees and co-workers solve problems that affect their ability and willingness to do their jobs effectively
  • Describe the benefits to individuals and the organization if daily performance problems are resolved effectively
  • Apply the steps and techniques of the A.C.E. Model to solve tough workplace problems
  • Gain the commitment of employees and co-workers to solve problems on their own (rather than expecting "others" to provide solutions)