Absence Minded: Managing Absenteeism

Absenteeism is as common as the common cold and it costs businesses billions of dollars every year. But when someone calls in sick, it doesn't necessarily mean that they're ill.

They could be having difficulties because of bullying or experiencing childcare problems. Or they could be just having a game of golf. Even a slight change in the working environment can affect some people's motivation and lead to days off work.

This engaging and humorous video-based program shows a manager who doesn't realize he has an absenteeism problem until it's pointed out to him. He is then persuaded to keep a video diary, so that his team can air their thoughts on the department. This helps the manager to realize that when he takes a positive approach, he can actually reduce the levels of absenteeism quite dramatically.

This well-rounded program covers all aspects of managing absenteeism, including the return to work interview. It enables managers to acknowledge, prepare and implement appropriate procedures for managing absenteeism.

Available in French.