Relationship Building

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Art of Networking

Whether it's leveraging your network, planting psychological "seeds", establishing new contacts, winning over your team or negotiating deals around the board table, Mark Jeffries',  will provide a toolbox of innovative and instantly usable techniques to help grow your success.



As Others See Us

An animated look at the difficulties of working with - and getting along with - others.

Bad Apples: How to Deal with Difficult Attitudes

If you have lazy teammates, cranky customers, bossy bosses or rigid co-workers, then Bad Apples™ is for you! This program can give supervisors, managers and employees some practical, easy-to-use techniques for eliminating negativity in the workplace.


Be There

Be physically and emotionally present for people, especially when they need you. It's a powerful message of respect that strengthens relationships.

Competitive Edge

There is much more to closing a sale than reciting features and benefits. As this program shows, what distinguishes the outstanding salesperson from the merely competent one is the ability to learn on the job, probe, listen and—above all—guide the customer to a productive buying decision.


Conflict Resolution: The Skill That Makes the Difference

This course is designed to help participants become better managers of conflict so that they can build productive relationships in the workplace.

Courageous Followers, Courageous Leaders

In today's progressive workplace, the difference between follower and leader is an increasingly blurred line. This program shows why this is and how individuals in any organization or team can use the concepts to reach individual and group goals.

FISH! For Leaders

This series consists of 6 distinct programs that help leaders apply a part of The FISH! Philosophy to the work and their lives.


Getting to Yes

A pragmatic and systematic approach to implementing interest-based negotiation, a powerful strategy for effectively pursuing your interests while simultaneously building long-term relationships.

Getting to Yes - Shortcut Version

Featuring authors Ury, Fisher & Patton, this seven module program demonstrates their strategy for successfull, win-win negotiations through the use of their own commentary as well as 5 realistic negotiation sessions.

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