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Absence Minded: Managing Absenteeism

This well-rounded program covers all aspects of managing absenteeism – enabling managers to acknowledge, prepare and implement appropriate procedures for managing this billion dollar problem.
Available in French.

Act Fair! Effective Discipline

Show your managers how to deal with discipline – without becoming adversarial or resorting to formal warnings.

Appraisal Interview

This program is a must-have for anyone new to the appraisal process and a valuable reminder tool for those with more experience. It is a complete package designed to help both sides get achieve positive results from an appraisal interview.

Challenging Absenteeism

This program has been designed to help managers and supervisors gain confidence in dealing with absenteeism, especially where the employee is not very communicative or the situation is particularly sensitive or difficult.

Coaching: It Takes Work

Used alone or as a complement to the program, The Courage to Coach, this video is ideal for trainers and meeting facilitators seeking alternative ways to inspire and motivate their audience.

Conducting Extraordinary Performance Appraisals

The performance appraisal process doesn’t need to be a source of anxiety and dread. By following the simple steps in this program, it can be used as a powerful tool to improve the performance of every employee in an organization.

Conducting Legal Performance Appraisals

Conducting effective performance appraisals that are legally defensible is an essential responsibility of every manager. This program shows that performance appraisals not only need to drive an effective strategy for performance improvement but they also have to stand up to legal scrutiny in wrongful termination claims and to charges of EEO violations.

Discipline Without Punishment, Revised

Discipline – no one likes to enforce it, and no one likes to be the target of it. With this powerful video, you will learn how to handle one of the toughest issues any manager faces. 

Discussing Performance

Learn how to make your performance feedback discussions more productive and focused to create a satisfying and productive work environment and promote employee retention throughout your workplace.


Dreaded Appraisal

A positive appraisal interview should focus on staff motivation and business effectiveness. All too often, though, managers find it difficult to steer the interview in that direction, getting sidetracked by personal agendas. This amusing film shows managers how to cut to the chase and make appraisal interviews more productive.

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