Listening Skills

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Attitude is Everything

The difference between ordinary service and great service is attitude. Show your people this video and they'll be able to see exactly what you mean.

Communication Counts

Speaking & Listening For Results

Organizations spend time and money clearing up misunderstandings and miscommunications. This program depicts six of the most common behaviours that lead to communication breakdowns and provides tips on how to speak and listen for results.


Customers With a Difference

Part of the Just A Call Away Series, this program looks at issues that arise when dealing with diverse customers.

It's Your Call - Just a Call Away Series

Armed with a positive attitude and these practical skills, your people are guaranteed to have a healthy call rate without sacrificing your customer service care.

Just a Call Away Series

This series is an invaluable resource for call centres, sales organizations or for anyone who uses the telephone.

Outbound Call

This video will help you focus on the importance of knowing what you want to get from each conversation and making every outbound call a successful one.

Really Angry Customer

Customers become angry when they have unmet expectations and the situation is not handled well. Learn how to calm the customer and get the information needed to deal effectively with the issues. 

Successful Selling: A Practical Video Guide To Sales

This program is a fast-paced, practical video guide to sales for sales professionals. Using realistic scenarios and featuring recognizable actors it covers six modules for successful selling; research, objectives, asking questions, explaining benefits, meeting objections, and selling techniques.


Verbal Communication: The Power of Words 2e

Clear communication is a rarity because of the way most of us send and receive messages. This award-winning video reveals the five critical elements of successful verbal communication using memorable vignettes.

When You Can't Say Yes

No one likes having to say no or I can’t, or it’s not available but often there is simply no choice. This video explores the major reasons why ‘yes’ is not always possible.


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