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5 Questions Every Leader Must Ask

Find out how to make leadership less painful – even when under pressure to achieve goals, solve problems, manage change and improve productivity – simply by asking the right people the right questions.


After All, You're the Supervisor, 3E

In this training program, you'll meet Alec, recently promoted to supervisor, as he struggles for balance in his new position. How does one effectively manage former colleagues and friends? This best-selling video depicts the nine components of supervisory effectiveness.

Age of Leadership

This program was designed to educate an audience that is willing to change and walk into or explore the benefits of a dramatically new kind of leadership path.

Art of Possibility Series

Unlock the potential of all your employees and learn to transform negative attitudes into attitudes of courage and possibility with this powerful training set.

Attitude: Radiating Possibility

How powerful it might be to leave behind the anxiety and pressure that are part of the competitive mindset, and connect with others through their dreams and visions! In this moving video program employees are coached on how to to accelerate their pace of interaction, have courage in the face of fear, and enter the dance.


Be There

Be physically and emotionally present for people, especially when they need you. It's a powerful message of respect that strengthens relationships.

Better Way

See how disparate people with different goals can still work together to create a win-win outcome. In this thought-provoking program, three South African retailers are forced to find new ways of doing business.

Building the Multicultural Team

From the Global Scenario Series

As our world becomes increasingly global, your employees increasingly work with people from other cultures. Train your employees to work effectively in today's global market.

Bury My Heart at Conference Room B

If your organization seems to have more brick walls than hallways and doors, it’s time for a “totally twisted, deadly serious” look at leadership. That’s how Stan Slap, renowned speaker, author and executive coach, describes his cutting-edge take on the urgent need for managers who can meaningfully engage a cynical workforce.

Clarity Imperative

When employees feel connected to an organization’s purpose and direction—and can clearly explain them to others—they become more engaged in the process and committed. Learn the importance of organizational messaging and how it translates to improved morale.

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