Group Effectiveness

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Flight 232: The Power of Teamwork

This short version of Teamwork in Crisis, tells the amazing story of United Airlines Flight 232 and how air and ground teams coordinated efforts and resisted panic, leading to an outcome far better than predicted.

Hubble Solution

Managing blame and forgiveness is the key message in this film. Creativity blossoms in organizations that recognize that in order to achieve success, mistakes will be made along the way.


Learn how to inspire your employees so that they'll promote positive values into their work. Demonstrate how loyalty and perseverance keeps an organization strong and together.

Productivité de groupe

In this film, a model of group dynamics is presented and illustrated as we watch five members of a task force participate in various group activities.

Spirit Clips Series

What does your organization stand for? Trust, integrity, confidence, ethical, compassionate? Use these 14 short programs to instill the values that you consider most important to the success of your organization.

Uh-Oh Syndrome

From Intolerance to Inclusion

The "Uh-Oh Syndrome" is the negative reaction we can experience when we encounter something or someone different. The reaction is, in some ways, a natural human response, but in a world with increasing diversity and non-stop change, we need to strive for open-mindedness and inclusion. This program shows how. 


Your Summit Awaits

Join Jamie Clarke, Canadian mountaineer, adventurer, and three time Mount Everest explorer, in Your Summit Awaits as he shares from the heart his incredible experiences on the mountain.

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