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Accountability That Works!

With accountability, you get better results, improved teamwork, and clarity. Without it, you get blame, finger-pointing, missed deadlines and low morale. This program reveals an approach to accountability that improves individual and organizational performance.


Accountability Toolkit, Government Version

Designed specifically for training government employees, the 9 categories and 35 video clips in this Toolkit will help you demonstrate what it looks like when people hold themselves, each other and the organization accountable for keeping commitments and achieving results. 


Actions Speak! Behaviour-Based Interviewing

Based on the time-tested truth that, "Past actions predict future performance", this fresh new approach to legal and effective interviewing from Dr. Paul C. Green, takes learners through a practical step-by-step process of finding the right candidate for any position.

Available in French.

Bonne question!

Demonstrate the importance of skilful questioning not just in interviews, but in everyday team working and problem solving situations too.

Discussing Performance

Learn how to make your performance feedback discussions more productive and focused to create a satisfying and productive work environment and promote employee retention throughout your workplace.


Feedback Techniques

Show your managers how to give objective, impartial feedback to help people improve their performance and develop their skills-without making them defensive.

Gift of Feedback

Learn how to summon the courage needed to ask for feedback, why it’s so important to thank people for offering feedback—even when you don’t agree with it—and how to implement the feedback most likely to help you live effectively in all of your interpersonal roles.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Whether we recognize it or not, we are always giving feedback to people – both positive and negative. This film illustrates how to use objective, non-judgemental feedback to help people grow and develop. 

Giving and Receiving Feedback - WP Version

Effective People Skills

Giving and Receiving Feedback teaches your team how to use these two critical skills to help themselves and their associates become what they want to be.

Giving Feedback

Giving feedback is an everyday part of communicating with our teams and peers. This program illustrates a four-part model for a more emotionally-intelligent method of delivering feedback, both formal and informal. 

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