Face-to-Face Sales

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Competitive Edge

There is much more to closing a sale than reciting features and benefits. As this program shows, what distinguishes the outstanding salesperson from the merely competent one is the ability to learn on the job, probe, listen and—above all—guide the customer to a productive buying decision.


How to Connect In Business in 90 Seconds or Less

This humourous and motivational film shows the positive impact genuine connections with people can have on customer relationships, sales success and life. 


It's Personal

Here’s a motivational video for anyone in direct contact with customers. Team up with Rick Stein as he demonstrates the skills and attitudes that underpin his reputation for great customer service.

Serve! Turn Customer Service into Unforgettable Customer Experiences

Turn Customer Service into Unforgettable Customer Experiences

Learn to how win unprecedented loyalty and make your customers fall in love with your company by exceeding their expectations.


Why Are You Making It So Hard... for me to give you my money?

How many customers does your organization lose every day? How many were planning to give you their money but ended up leaving in frustration? It may be more than you think! Let this unforgettable program teach your staff the attitudes and behaviours that make customers feel valued so they will buy from you again and again.

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