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Accountability That Works!

With accountability, you get better results, improved teamwork, and clarity. Without it, you get blame, finger-pointing, missed deadlines and low morale. This program reveals an approach to accountability that improves individual and organizational performance.


Alors aidez-moi, édition de l'employé

Recent research shows that handling customer problems quickly and correctly will retain or even build customer loyalty. Customers who don’t get their problems solved will leave and not return.

Alors aidez-moi, version du superviseur

How do supervisors affect customer service? We all know that frontline service people directly impact customer satisfaction. But we don’t often look at how much a supervisor’s behavior influences the service a customer ultimately receives.

Colleagues as Customers:

Understanding Internal Customer Care

This powerful video demonstrates the benefits of good internal customer care for individuals, teams, organizations and external customers.

Coller à la qualite (Dubbed)

It's all about empowerment – having (and showing) the confidence in your team to deal with customers and make decisions that will benefit them.

Courageous Followers, Courageous Leaders

In today's progressive workplace, the difference between follower and leader is an increasingly blurred line. This program shows why this is and how individuals in any organization or team can use the concepts to reach individual and group goals.

Des collegues en tant que clients:

Comprendre le service interne à la clientèle

With the case study examples in this video, you’ll be emphasising that internal customer care is achieved through teamwork. 

Eagle's Secret

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Empowerment: A Risk Worth Taking

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Even Eagles Need a Push

This outstanding video will show your audience how to empower themselves and unleash their potential by finding meaning in their work. 

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