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FAIR in Action

F.A.I.R. in Action applies the F.A.I.R. approach to real-life business situations to help the participants learn how to transfer the approach to their own work environment, to be fair, and to be culturally competent


Fair's Fair

Equal Opportunities for All

This program uses five different scenarios to drive home the fact that all types of discrimination can and should be avoided in the workplace.
Available in French.

Father and Son

Open people's minds to question old ways of doing things, think outside the box, change perceptions and learn new paradigms.


Gateways to Inclusion

Turning Tense Moments Into Productive Conversations

In a diverse workplace, tense moments can occur. When handled properly, they can be transformed into ‘gateways’ that lead to better working relationships and increased understanding.



Global One Series

This comprehensive series looks at the challenges of international business dealings.

Gobal One: Cross-Cultural Understanding

This program investigates all the key components of cultural awareness, including values and beliefs, social structure, perceptions of time, international business etiquette, and communication.


Gobal One: Intercultural Communicating

The finest business communication training video available on how to avoid misunderstandings and figure out what's really being said when working with other cultures.

Great Minds on Respect, Tolerance & Diversity

Inspiring quotes from some of history’s greatest leaders, set to dramatic music and coupled with classic footage will inspire and motivate your team to see respect, tolerance and diversity in a new light.

Harassment Made Simple

Harassment Made Simple is a short but comprehensive harassment prevention video that covers every aspect of this important legal topic in just 6 minutes. This program is available in French.

Healthcare Toolkit, Volume 2

For healthcare trainers, a versatile library of video clips to train in such areas as Embracing Diversity, Communicating With Clarity, Resolving Conflict, and Supervising Others. Volume 2 of The Healthcare Toolkit gives you the tools to customize your own training with video scenarios.

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