Customer Service

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If Looks Could Kill

The Power of Behaviour

Learn how your behaviour can be used to improve customers' attitudes, and create new sales opportunities.
Available in French.

In Search of Excellence

This inspiring and intriguing program uses case studies from some of the world's most well-known boardrooms to help you motivate your employees to become more innovative, responsive and committed.

In the Customer's Shoes

This program offers a simple to follow five step process for successful customer service and shows that sometimes, it's all about attitude.

Inside Information

Most organizations recognize that exceptional service is vital to winning and retaining customers - but very few treat their internal customers with the same level of respect and support as they do their external customers.
Available in French.

Inside Job

This program highlights the importance of internal customer care and shows how we can let our external customers down if we don't properly serve our own internal customers.

Invisible Man Meets the Mummy

This entertaining video presents a lighthearted look at the rights and wrongs of customer service. It shows that everyone has customers – internal, external or both – and there’s no place to hide from them. Not even in red tape.


Invisible Man Meets the Mummy, Government Version

You can run, but you can’t hide, (not even in red tape) from customer service concerns. The dos and don’ts of internal and external customer service in government are wrapped up neatly in this fast-paced, entertaining award-winner.


Invisible Man Meets the Mummy, Healthcare Version

Learn how to unwrap healthcare employees from the red tape that has kept them from providing effective, efficient service throughout your organization in this entertaining video that presents a lighthearted look at the rights and wrongs of customer service. 


It's A Dog's World, 2nd Edition

A man and his dog go out for a walk one day and end up needing medical attention – fast. Man goes to his healthcare provider, dog goes to the vet, but one patient ends up with a far better experience. Here's a hint: It's not the man. Learn how everyone in a healthcare environment can improve customer service. 

It's a Way Not a Day

Bringing Your Values To Life

These days, customers are searching for organizations that are not afraid to say what they stand for and deliver it with integrity. It’s a Way Not a Day will help you be one of those organizations. 

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