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Give em the Pickle!

This customer service program is loaded with humour, touching stories, fun graphics, and great music that all work together to deliver the powerful message: "take care of your customers". Bring the enthusiasm and wisdom of Bob Farrell to your next meeting and transform your team into a bunch of pickle-givers!

Glad I Could Help: Real Customer Service Situations for Discussion - DVD

Real Customer Service Situations for Discussion

There’s no tougher business situation than dealing with an angry customer, whether external or internal to your organization.


This video provides a basic introduction to customer service, stressing the importance of treating customers like guests. It features a hapless hero who takes viewers on a tour of his imagination to prove that everything we need to learn about great customer service, we already know.


Guest & Difficult Guest Full Package

This package contains two memorable and enjoyable programs that take us from a basic introduction to customer service, stressing the importance of treating customers like guests, right through to specific guidelines on dealing with the different types of "difficult guests".

Guest, Revised

This hilarious remake of the all-time bestseller brings a fresh and updated look to the classic training comedy, but the message remains the same: "Treat your customer like a Guest in your home."


Happiness Advantage With Shawn Achor

In this new training program, Shawn Achor reveals the latest research into the science of happiness. In the process, he makes some amazing revelations.

Healthcare Toolkit, Volume 1

For healthcare trainers, a versatile library of video clips to train in such areas as Ensuring Patient Satisfaction; Building Accountability, Ethics and Integrity; and Team Building. Volume 1 of The Healthcare Toolkit gives you the tools to customize your own training with video scenarios.

How to Connect In Business in 90 Seconds or Less

This humourous and motivational film shows the positive impact genuine connections with people can have on customer relationships, sales success and life. 


How to Lose Customers Without Really Trying

This video uses humourous, real-life scenarios to demonstrate the basic techniques for achieving customer satisfaction. It is suitable for front-line staff in any organization.

I'll Be Back

With Bob Farrell

Bob Farrell shares the principles that will get customers to say
“I’ll be back!”

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