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A Complaint is a Gift

Using Customer Feedback as a Strategic Tool

Has customer service in your organization gotten sidetracked? Are your 'promises' good only so long as your customers don't try to utilize them? Are you so focussed on the future, that you have no time for today's complaints? Then preview this program today - it will definitely help you!

A Passion for Customers

Tom Peters gets to the heart of the “excellence message” by taking you on location to five leading organizations that provide superior customer service.

A Passion for Excellence

In A Passion for Excellence, Tom Peters describes and illustrates how successful organizations create and sustain their competitive edge. From chicken to grocery stores, airlines to pizza, textiles to the City of Baltimore, Tom discusses how care of customers, constant innovation, and reliance on creative contributions from all hands mark each enterprise.

Accountability That Works!

With accountability, you get better results, improved teamwork, and clarity. Without it, you get blame, finger-pointing, missed deadlines and low morale. This program reveals an approach to accountability that improves individual and organizational performance.

Accountability Toolkit, Government Version

Designed specifically for training government employees, the 9 categories and 35 video clips in this Toolkit will help you demonstrate what it looks like when people hold themselves, each other and the organization accountable for keeping commitments and achieving results. 


Alors aidez-moi, édition de l'employé

Recent research shows that handling customer problems quickly and correctly will retain or even build customer loyalty. Customers who don’t get their problems solved will leave and not return.

Alors aidez-moi, édition de l'employé/version du superviseur

This two-video set offers insight into great customer service from both the employee and the supervisor perspective.

Alors aidez-moi, version du superviseur

How do supervisors affect customer service? We all know that frontline service people directly impact customer satisfaction. But we don’t often look at how much a supervisor’s behavior influences the service a customer ultimately receives.

Angry Customer

In this segment of The 5-Part Service Impact Series, you'll be shown strategies for handling frustrated and abusive customers.

Are You With Me?

Why does there seem to be one set of rules for the way we behave when we’re physically with other people, and a whole different set of rules for the way we act when we’re separated, as we are when we’re on the phone?

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