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6 Principles to Negotiate Anything

Starting from a place of fear and dread is a recipe for negotiation disaster. That’s why we're offering this practical and entertaining program that anyone can use to negotiate anything

Aikido Approach to Conflict

Effective People Skills

Learn to resolve differences in a harmonious, non-competitive, and productive manner.

Angry Customer

In this segment of The 5-Part Service Impact Series, you'll be shown strategies for handling frustrated and abusive customers.

Bad Apples: How to Deal with Difficult Attitudes

If you have lazy teammates, cranky customers, bossy bosses or rigid co-workers, then Bad Apples™ is for you! This program can give supervisors, managers and employees some practical, easy-to-use techniques for eliminating negativity in the workplace.

Be SAFE (Not Sorry): Preventing Violence in the Workplace

In the pressure cooker of the contemporary workplace, violent behavior can erupt at any time. Do people within your organization know how to head off workplace threats, how to stay safe? 

Communicating Non-Defensively, Revised

We're all naturally defensive to some degree, and nowhere is it more apparent than in our communications with others. This video reveals five essential steps to sending and receiving messages non-defensively for better communication and effectiveness in the workplace.

Communication: Non-défensive

The eight keys of non-defensive communication are everyday essentials for all employees. Use the step-by-step plans demonstrated here, then stand back and see the difference!

Communication: The Non-Verbal Agenda

Non-verbal messages are equally as important—sometimes more so—than what we say. This insightful program demonstrates how to pay attention to your non-verbal communications and how to improve them.

Conflict Clock: Manager's Program

This program is designed to help managers and supervisors respond to workplace conflicts with their teams. Four key strategies will help participants break old and negative response habits.


Conflict Clock: Taking TIME To Resolve Conflict In The Workplace

This program is designed to help employees, leaders and teams respond to workplace conflict. Four key strategies will help participants break old and negative response habits.

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