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5 Communication Secrets

This DVD program is presented by Richard Greene, the creator of The 5 Secrets.  It is designed to quickly advance your public speaking and presentation skills, through five sets of lessons illustrated by video examples from the public speeches of Barack Obama.


6 Principles to Negotiate Anything

Starting from a place of fear and dread is a recipe for negotiation disaster. That’s why we're offering this practical and entertaining program that anyone can use to negotiate anything

Abilene Paradox, 2E

Jump in the car and hit the road to Abilene. What you’ll find is a road littered with anger, frustration, blame and failure. It’s a journey during which deeply held, logical values fall victim to group dynamics, a road that takes you to group consensus where there is none.

Accountability That Works!

With accountability, you get better results, improved teamwork, and clarity. Without it, you get blame, finger-pointing, missed deadlines and low morale. This program reveals an approach to accountability that improves individual and organizational performance.

Accountability Toolkit, Government Version

Designed specifically for training government employees, the 9 categories and 35 video clips in this Toolkit will help you demonstrate what it looks like when people hold themselves, each other and the organization accountable for keeping commitments and achieving results. 


Actions Speak! Behaviour-Based Interviewing

Based on the time-tested truth that, "Past actions predict future performance", this fresh new approach to legal and effective interviewing from Dr. Paul C. Green, takes learners through a practical step-by-step process of finding the right candidate for any position.

Available in French.

Aikido Approach to Conflict

Effective People Skills

Learn to resolve differences in a harmonious, non-competitive, and productive manner.

Alors aidez-moi, édition de l'employé

Recent research shows that handling customer problems quickly and correctly will retain or even build customer loyalty. Customers who don’t get their problems solved will leave and not return.

Alors aidez-moi, version du superviseur

How do supervisors affect customer service? We all know that frontline service people directly impact customer satisfaction. But we don’t often look at how much a supervisor’s behavior influences the service a customer ultimately receives.

Are We Really So Different You And I?

A compelling way to start any diversity training program, Are We Really So Different You and I will put your audience in the right frame of mind to discuss the critically important topic of diversity.

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