Character Building

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ACT With Integrity

Real Situations for Discussion

This program provides business ethics training that can serve as a vital complement to any business practices and legal compliance program.


Ben Comen

"Anybody can find something they can do - and do well. I like to show people you can either stop trying or you can pick yourself up and keep going. It is just more fun to keep going." - Ben Comen

C Preview

The ability to inspire trust is a key competency for organizational leaders today. The 5 Waves of Trust, from FranklinCovey, covers the topic from a variety of angles including self trust, relationship trust, organizational trust, market trust and societal trust.


Fall Seven Times, Stand Up EIght

This program uses quotes, pictures  and video clips featuring world renown personalities to dramatically demonstrate how through perseverance and resiliency success can be achieved.


Great Minds Series

Inspiring quotes from some of history’s greatest minds set to dramatic music and coupled with classic footage. Let the likes of Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King inspire you, motivate you and teach you through their own words, pictures and video.

Hubble Solution

Managing blame and forgiveness is the key message in this film. Creativity blossoms in organizations that recognize that in order to achieve success, mistakes will be made along the way.


Learn how to inspire your employees so that they'll promote positive values into their work. Demonstrate how loyalty and perseverance keeps an organization strong and together.

Moment of Truth

Give your employees a practical guide to making better decisions in the face of ethical dilemmas. 


This thought-provoking three-minute program will inspire and delight you. And the ending is totally unexpected. Starring Hollywood actress Nancy Travis.


Spirit Clips Series

What does your organization stand for? Trust, integrity, confidence, ethical, compassionate? Use these 14 short programs to instill the values that you consider most important to the success of your organization.

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