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Assert Yourself: Learning to be Assertive

Show your staff how assertive behaviour can help them be more positive, more creative and can better equip them to get their job
done effectively.
Available in French.


Effective People Skills

Teach your people the skills they need to effectively assert themselves, become more productive and find greater satisfaction in their careers.

Being Assertive

Talented people can fail to achieve success because they don't master the art of communicating assertively. This program shares the 'how to's' of assertive communication and identifies other common communication styles that cause difficulties in the workplace.

Colleagues as Customers:

Understanding Internal Customer Care

This powerful video demonstrates the benefits of good internal customer care for individuals, teams, organizations and external customers.

Communication Counts

Speaking & Listening For Results

Organizations spend time and money clearing up misunderstandings and miscommunications. This program depicts six of the most common behaviours that lead to communication breakdowns and provides tips on how to speak and listen for results.


Des collegues en tant que clients:

Comprendre le service interne à la clientèle

With the case study examples in this video, you’ll be emphasising that internal customer care is achieved through teamwork. 

FISH! Culture Pack

Including the best-selling FiSH! video, this is a compendium of 11 units that trigger essential conversations that will transform your organization. The material deepens your exploration of how the FiSH! Philosophy can help shape positive organizational change.


Leading the Way

Negotiating With Influence & Persuasion

This program will show you that the key to influencing others is learning to build relationships – tactfully gaining support and commitment from them.

Parle franchement (Dubbed)

Straight Talking uses dramatic sequences and subtle humour to deliver its message about the basic rule of assertive behaviour - honesty. It is designed to give your people the confidence they need to get their views and ideas noticed. 

Say the Right Thing

This program uses a variety of difficult situations to show how individuals can develop assertive behavior by following a
simple three-step model. 

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