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FISH! Business Solution

Help make the spirit of The FISH! Philosophy come alive and create the organization you’ve always dreamed of. Make a commitment to relationships, leadership and team building by investing in this incredible bundled offer.


Customer Service: Make It Easy!

Help your customer service reps deliver the kind of service that your clients want and need. Don't have customers walking out your door or hanging up the phone. Give them what they want—customer service made easy! NEW 


Innovation Professional Package

The Innovation Professional Development Package is a comprehensive training solution to help individuals, teams and organizations develop the ability to be more innovative. NEW!



Innovation School Development Package

The Innovation School Development Package is a comprehensive learning solution to help students, faculty and administrators develop the ability to be more innovative. NEW!


Conflict Clock: Manager's Program

This program is designed to help managers and supervisors respond to workplace conflicts with their teams. Four key strategies will help participants break old and negative response habits.


Conflict Clock: Taking TIME To Resolve Conflict In The Workplace

This program is designed to help employees, leaders and teams respond to workplace conflict. Four key strategies will help participants break old and negative response habits.


InMotion Series

Using stunning visuals and practical lessons, these five short programs are a quick and easy way to improve any group gathering, while generating powerful and meaningful discussion.


Defeating Unconscious Bias: 5 Strategies

Designed to address the hidden biases that can affect hiring, promoting & team building. The vignettes illustrate different types of bias, and five practical tools are offered to counter bias.
This program is available on DVD or USB Flash Drive.
Also available in Subtitled French.


Conducting Extraordinary Performance Appraisals

The performance appraisal process doesn’t need to be a source of anxiety and dread. By following the simple steps in this program, it can be used as a powerful tool to improve the performance of every employee in an organization.


Conducting Legal Performance Appraisals

Conducting effective performance appraisals that are legally defensible is an essential responsibility of every manager. This program shows that performance appraisals not only need to drive an effective strategy for performance improvement but they also have to stand up to legal scrutiny in wrongful termination claims and to charges of EEO violations.


Trainer Pack Library

Manager Moments: How To Excel In Tricky Situations

As a manager, supervisor or team leader, recognizing a situation then quickly taking action is key to keeping your team motivated. These 5 bite-sized programs teach and refresh skills.


Winning Presentations: For Make Or Break Moments

This program was designed to help you create more compelling presentations, increase your ability to deliver those presentations with dynamism, and increase your confidence as a speaker.


Your Words Matter

Social Media. Text Messages. Emails. It’s never been easier to communicate. And it’s never been more potentially hazardous. Now there is a video that can help every employee understand and navigate these hazards.


Village of 100, 4th Edition

This program presents a powerful metaphor for the population of our own workplace and dramatically shows the need for tolerance and understanding in a diverse society.


Harassment Prevention Made Simple

Harassment Prevention Made Simple is a short but comprehensive harassment prevention video that covers every aspect of this important legal topic in just 6 minutes. The original version of this program is available in French.


Harassment Prevention Made Simple For Managers

Focusing on the manager's role in preventing harassment, this comprehensive program defines harassment and the steps all managers should take to combat harassment in their workplace.


Sexual Harassment Prevention Made Simple

This is a short but comprehensive sexual harassment prevention video that covers every aspect of this important legal topic in just 6 minutes. A budget conscious resource. The original version of this program is available in French.


Workplace Bullying Prevention Made Simple

This program is a short but comprehensive workplace bullying prevention video that covers every aspect of this important topic in just 5 and a half minutes. The original version of this program is available in French.


Short Stories: Volume 1 With Dewitt Jones

This series features 10 inspirational short stories from Dewitt Jones' best-selling films. Each clip features powerful storytelling, stunning photography and valuable lessons.


The Respectful Supervisor: Integrity And Inclusion

Helps supervisors create a respectful workplace through lessons on self-awareness and what it means to set the right example and honor the contribution of every employee. 


The Respectful Supervisor: Motivating And Retaining Employees

This program reveals some of the best ways supervisors can convey respect: pay attention to employees, engage them in regular communication, and commit to employee well-being and success.


The Respectful Supervisor Series

Supervisors who fail to treat employees with respect need training to help them improve. These programs show daily things supervisors can do to ensure employees feel valued.


Let's Talk . . . Harassment, Bullying & Respect 3-Part Series

This 3-part set addresses all forms of harassment including bullying and respect in the workplace. And it does this in a concise, easy-to-understand way.



Let's Talk . . . Respect - It Matters

Part of the Let's Talk... Harassment, Bullying & Respect Series, this program focuses on respecting one another in the workplace, especially when it comes to diversity-related misinformation and misunderstandings, which can evolve into bullying and other forms of harassment. NEW!


Manager Moments: Interviewing and Termination Do's and Don'ts

This NEW series gives managers the planning and preparation tools they need to successfully deal with any difficult termination or interviewing situation they face.


Let's Talk . . .Harassment And Bullying - A 2-Part Series

With recent concerns about the prevalence of bullying, new legal requirements to provide training to prevent “abusive conduct”, and the need to clarify legal definitions of harassment, Let’s Talk is the answer!


Sexual Harassment Prevention For Managers

This 2015 program is a continuation of Sexual Harassment Made Simple.  It defines what Sexual Harassment is and then discusses how to prevent and handle workplace situations.


The Leader Inside

This new program uses inspirational quotes on a changing background to show us that anyone can become a leader, that we have it inside—we just need to bring it out!
Streaming licences are available.


MEET: Breaking New Ground

One thing that we all have in common is our need for inclusion and respect. This brand new program will assist employees and organizations in managing diversity dynamics and create a “respect-filled” and inclusive workplace.


Successful Selling: A Practical Video Guide To Sales

This program is a fast-paced, practical video guide to sales for sales professionals. Using realistic scenarios and featuring recognizable actors it covers six modules for successful selling; research, objectives, asking questions, explaining benefits, meeting objections, and selling techniques.


Performance Review: Code Red-How To Handle A DIfficult Review

This new training film illustrates the techniques required for managers and supervisors to handle difficult performance reviews.


Resilient Soldier Stress Survival Kit

Choose either, A Day Away From Stress  CD or Overcoming Insomnia CD and we'll seal it in a poly bag with The Stress Profiler, the Trauma Survival kit and Stress Testing Card to help soldiers cope with stress and prevent PTSD.

Stress Profiler, Military Version

This 16-page stress test, designed specifically for the military, tells you exactly how stressed you are in ten different areas of your life and even gives you advice on how to cope with your stress and PTSD. Also available in Adult and Student Versions.

The Trauma Survival & PTSD Prevention Kit

Here’s an economical and effective tool with over 50 stress management tips to help trauma survivors avoid PTSD.

Overcoming Insomnia - Military Version CD

The most common cause of insomnia is stress. Learning how to deal with stress is the key to a good night’s sleep.

Legal Social Media At Work

Social Media has gradually become an intricate part of today's modern workplace. Make sure your employees and management are aware of the legal risks they face regarding posts, comments, tweets and the like.


Stress Profiler, Student Version

This 16-page stress test tells you exactly how stressed you are in ten different areas of your life and even gives you advice on how to cope with your stress. Also available in an Adult Version.

Who Are You Being? Wristband

The "Who Are You Being?" wristband is the perfect visual reminder of living The FISH! Philosophy, moment to moment.

New Business Of Paradigms, 2nd Edition With Joel Barker

In this 2nd Edition, a timeless message explains how our paradigms, the rules we live by, can limit our ability to innovate and create in today's rapidly changing world.


Challenging Absenteeism

This program has been designed to help managers and supervisors gain confidence in dealing with absenteeism, especially where the employee is not very communicative or the situation is particularly sensitive or difficult.


Service Impact Series

This 5-Part series deals will all facets of delivering effective Telephone Customer Service with a healthy dose of humour.

Angry Customer

In this segment of The 5-Part Service Impact Series, you'll be shown strategies for handling frustrated and abusive customers.


Credibility Through Honesty

In this segment of the 5-Part Service Impact Series, you'll discover how to be honest about service problems and boost your company’s image at the same time.


Cross-Cultural Communication (Service Impact)

In this segment of the 5-Part Customer Impact Series, you'll learn how to bridge cultural and communication differences with the universal language—great service.


Dimensions of Service

In this segment of the 5-Part Service Impact Series, you'll discover the secrets of improving customer satisfaction by dealing with all facets of the client experience.



Levels Of Learning

In this segment of the 5-Part Service Impact Series, you'll discover how to identify and work with different types of customers and co-workers.


Right Words At The Right Time For Business

Do your front line-staff know what to say in the heat of the moment? Customers can be difficult at times, and this great new training program can help!


Right Words At The Right Time For Leisure & Hospitality

Sometimes it is the newest or least trained hospitality employee who has the last clear chance at saving guest relations. One employee becomes the face of your organization when things go wrong. This practical and memorable program is specifically designed to empower leisure and hospitality staff with a clear checklist of Customer Service Recovery tools and techniques.


Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Learn the three basic strategies for handling stress by using emotional intelligence.


Demonstrating Emotional Intelligence

Learn how our emotions are passed from one person to another almost like the common cold.


Emotional Intelligence & Optimal Performance

Discover how a certain amount of stress is necessary for optimal performance.


Thinking Person's Stress Management Workbook

Simple to use, easy to read, and fun to do, the one page articles in this 32-page book and the accompanying do-it-yourself workbook pages really help you understand key concepts in cognitive restructuring.

Stress, Humor, Burnout & Balance

Includes over 100 articles on stress, humor burnout and balance. These fully reproducible* articles are packaged in a handy 3-ring binder.

Mini-Stress Survival Kit

Want a giveaway that promotes good health? Want an inexpensive gift that people will actually keep? Want to put your name and logo in the hands of your clients, patients, employees or customers? This kit contains dozens of practical suggestions for reducing stress in your life.

Stress Management: A 3-Part Series

If you want to help employees deal with the inevitability of workplace stress, this series will get them started in the right direction. With the guidance of Dr. David Katz, employees will recognize, understand, deal with (or learn to avoid) the common stressors that enter their workday lives.


Recognizing Stress

Understanding Why You Need To Manage Stress

This program (Part 1 in a 3-Part Series) follows four people who describe their difficulties with mood swings, disorganization, anger and insomnia and eventually come to understand the importance of managing stress.


Insomnia Survival Kit

Use this kit to help your employees lower stress, be more productive, communicate better, reduce accidents and lower absenteeism.

Managing Stress: Five Strategies For How To Handle Stress

The program demonstrates how to tackle stressors with five simple, yet practical strategies that will work in a variety of real-life situations. (Part 2 in a 3-Part Series)



Biodots are placed on the back of your hand to determine who or what is causing you stress. They allow you to monitor your stress levels for 24 hours—you can watch your stress triggers, while they're actually affecting you.

Resilience: Mastering Stress

This program (Part 3 in a 3-Part Series) follows four people as they learn how to adapt, stay flexible, accept change, be proactive and bounce back from adversity.


Stress, Weight Control & Emotional Eating

If you want to give people practical advice on controlling weight without focusing specifically on dieting, knowing that stress can make you fat, them this is the program to choose. (Part 4 in a 5-Part Series)


Yoga @ Work

With this DVD, you can practice yoga right at your desk, any time of day. Feel the tension in your mind and body just melt away. (Part 5 in a 5-Part Series)


Stress Management: A 5-Part Series

If you want to help employees deal with the inevitability of workplace stress, this series will get them started in the right direction. With the guidance of Dr. David Katz, employees will recognize, understand, deal with (or learn to avoid) the common stressors that enter their workday lives. ALso included is a program on Stress & Weight Control, and one on Yoga for the workplace.


A Day Away From Stress CD

Drop this disc in your CD player, or load it on your phone, and in minutes you'll be experiencing slower breathing rate, heart rate, lower blood pressure, reduced muscle tension and most importantly less stress.


A Day Away From Stress DVD

Beautiful scenes of nature, soothing music, lush environmental sounds and five proven relaxation techniques will leave you, your patients, your clients and your employees feeling relaxed, at ease, and easier to get along with. 

Relaxation CD

Let the gentle voice of Stuart McCalley, M.D. guide you into a comfortable state of relaxation. As you listen to soothing music—laid over a backdrop of lush environmental sounds—you’ll learn how to breathe deeply, relax tense muscles, and calm frayed nerves.


Stress Testing Card

Here’s a terrific giveaway that promotes good health. Use these to distribute to all your employees or clients so they can self-monitor their stress levels and use biofeedback skills to bring their stress level down.

Stress Profiler, Adult Version

This 16-page stress test tells you exactly how stressed you are in ten different areas of your life and even gives you advice on how to cope with your stress. Also available in a Student Version.

Nature Of Sleep

If you ever have trouble falling asleep or lay awake in the middle of the night this DVD can help. Beautiful images of nature, soothing music and the calming voice of world-renowned sleep expert, Dr. Rubin Naiman will guide you into a deeply relaxed state.


Short Circuiting Stress

This program uses scenes from the Jimmy Stewart movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” to help people understand how their thinking causes them to feel stressed.


Overcoming Stress-Related Insomnia CD

The most common cause of insomnia is stress. Learning how to deal with stress is the key to a good night’s sleep with this CD.


Stress Ball With Stress Sensor

Want to know if you’re stressed? Squeeze our new stress ball and you can find out. Each one has a heat-sensitive stress sensor right on the ball. The heat sensitive material changes colors to indicate your level of stress.

Gateways to Inclusion

Turning Tense Moments Into Productive Conversations

In a diverse workplace, tense moments can occur. When handled properly, they can be transformed into ‘gateways’ that lead to better working relationships and increased understanding.



Moving Forward ...In The Aftermath Of Trauma

How do you move forward after a disaster? What is the healthy response? This video gathers a group of leading experts in the field of trauma, who give practical suggestions for moving forward.



Embracing Change

This program was created to stimulate conversation. You'll be introduced to individuals who not only talk about how they like to deal with change, but are actually forced to put those thoughts into action.


Ethics Made Simple

Ethics Made Simple is a short but comprehensive workplace ethics training program that covers virtually every major workplace ethics topic. Make sure your employees are armed with the facts about what behaviours are unacceptable in your workplace.
French Version Now Available!


Tell Me A Story: A Powerful Way To Inspire Action

Storytelling is a highly effective communication tool that engages the listener and inspires action. This program illustrates the difference between conveying information and creating an emotional experience. Viewers receive tips for identifying the right stories—and telling them well.


Are We Really So Different You And I?

A compelling way to start any diversity training program, Are We Really So Different You and I will put your audience in the right frame of mind to discuss the critically important topic of diversity.


What Do You See?

This program illustrates the need for more compassion and care in the treatment of the infirm.



Uh-Oh Syndrome

From Intolerance to Inclusion

The "Uh-Oh Syndrome" is the negative reaction we can experience when we encounter something or someone different. The reaction is, in some ways, a natural human response, but in a world with increasing diversity and non-stop change, we need to strive for open-mindedness and inclusion. This program shows how. 


Celebrate! Change Your Lens, Change Your Life

This brand new program reminds us that we have the power — the power to choose how we see the world around us, and the power to choose how we want to live in it.
Available in French.


Age of Leadership

This program was designed to educate an audience that is willing to change and walk into or explore the benefits of a dramatically new kind of leadership path.


Paradigm Mastery Series

The Paradigm Mastery Series is a five-part series designed to help you explore the impact paradigms have on your world.

When You Can't Say Yes

No one likes having to say no or I can’t, or it’s not available but often there is simply no choice. This video explores the major reasons why ‘yes’ is not always possible.