Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer free previews of your programs?

We offer FREE online previews and FREE couriered DVD previews for our programs.

Performance Resources offers convenient, couriered, **free previews to save you hundreds of dollars in preview fees. In order to continue offering this service, we need your careful cooperation:
1. Please view the previews within the 10-day FREE preview period.
2. We appreciate your feedback. Your Performance Resource’s Account Manager will call to discuss how the program(s) met your needs. If a message is left for you, please return the call as soon as possible.
3. Please return the previews promptly after viewing. Understand that the cost for returning previews is yours.
4. Please ship the DVD(s) back by the date indicated on your enclosed packing list, or you agree to pay a late fee of $75 per DVD. For your protection, ship via traceable courier, such as UPS, Federal Express or Purolator.
** Some exceptions apply to remote locations. In these cases freight charges will be borne by the customer.

How will my previews be shipped to me?
Under normal circumstances, previews are shipped free of charge via FedEx ground. If you require rush shipping for previews, you will need to pre-pay those charges by credit card.

Why is there more than one program on my preview DVD?
In order to assist you in your training needs, Performance Resources provides several titles on similar topics on one DVD for your evaluation. If the program you requested does not meet your organization's needs, you may preview several programs on your topic of interest at one time.

Can I have more than 10 days to preview?
Yes, if you have not had the opportunity to view your preview DVD within the 10-day period, call your Account Manager to extend the preview period. As long as you notify us that you need more time, you will not be billed for a late preview.

Do you have programs on DVD?
Yes, currently all of our programs are available on DVD. You can also trade-in your VHS for DVDs.

Do you have programs on USB Flash Drive?
Yes, currently most of our programs are available on USB. You can also trade-in your VHS or DVDs for USBs.

Do you offer Rentals of your programs?
Many of our programs are available for a Five-Day Rental. Cancellations on confirmed rentals must be received 10 days prior to the scheduled show date in order not to incur full rental charges.

Do you offer Streaming of your programs?

Most of our programs are available for streaming, either on your LMS, or ours. For pricing, please send us an email, or call for a custom quote on your unique needs.

Do you allow returns on purchases?
Performance Resources offers FREE previews and therefore does not accept purchase returns other than for damaged or incorrect shipments. This includes DVDs, Guides, Workbooks, Business Books, and all Ancillaries. Should you receive a damaged or incorrect shipment, please call us immediately.

Can I lend out or share with other organizations, the videos that I purchase from Performance Resources?
License/purchase entitles you to internal use for the benefit of training your employees for the life of the DVD. You have no ownership of the DVDs, including all media on which they reside; however, license/purchase entitles you to unlimited non-theatrical use (to which no admission is charged) via optical projection or conventional DVD playback. Purchasers may not re-sell, rent, loan, advertise, alter, copy, transmit, recast or duplicate a Performance Resource’s film or accompanying print material–in whole or in part–without Performance Resource’s prior written permission.